New Roles for a Redesigned Healthcare System

A review of the new roles that reflect hospitals’ expanded mission of both caring for the sick and promoting health and wellness.

While most of healthcare is still in a hybrid world between fee-forservice and value-based reimbursement, hospitals are looking to the future and building workforces for a transformed health care system. They’re putting greater emphasis on community outreach, prevention and identifying patients at high risk for hospital admission or readmission. They’re also paying closer attention to hand-off processes between providers and care settings and developing more programs for coordinating care and options for post-acute care. Technology—including electronic health records, mHealth applications, and tools for data analysis—plays an increasing role in improving the quality and continuity of care and the allocation of resources.

These developments are leading to the creation of new roles and job descriptions that reflect the new and expanded mission of caring for the sick and promoting the community’s overall health. New positions are popping up at all levels of health care organizations, from Community Health Workers with little or no prior health care experience to C-suite positions such as Chief Experience Officer, and are accounting for much of the job growth seen at hospitals and health care organizations across the country.

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Critical Conversations on the Changing Health Environment
In early 2016 the American Hospital Association invited human resource and talent professionals to participate in a Critical Conversation about workforce challenges and innovations in today’s health care environment. Also participating were representatives of a selection of health care solutions providers whose solutions have been exclusively endorsed by the AHA.