AHA Executive Summary – Critical Conversations on the Changing Health Environment: Patient and Community Engagement

In 2015, provider executives met with health solution providers to discuss how they are addressing the challenges of patient and community engagement in the new era of value-based care.

resource thumbnailA New Continuum of Engagement
New models of care, new reimbursement systems, new technological developments and new metrics of success are pushing health care from the volume-based first curve to the value-based second curve. Hospitals and other health care organizations now have increased incentives and capabilities for population health medicine and community outreach. At the same time, patients and their families are becoming more active participants in their care — both as health care consumers weighing cost and convenience and as members of the health care team, playing a critical role in their own treatment. In this new environment, patient and community engagement become an integral part of the delivery of care.

IN THE FALL OF 2015, the American Hospital Association (AHA) invited hospital and health system leaders in the Philadelphia and Atlanta metropolitan areas to join AHA executives in a Critical Conversation about patient engagement in a changing health care environment. Also attending were a selection of health care solution providers whose solutions have been exclusively endorsed by the AHA for proven excellence and contribution to hospital operations. AHA Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of the AHA, sponsored the two Critical Conversation events. This report includes some of the highlights from those discussions.