Critical Conversations on the Changing Health Environment: Patient Flow

A Focused Dialogue on Tackling Patient Flow in a Value-Based, Population-Health-Focused World.

The demand for better value in health care is driving new models that are changing the flow of patients through the system. New objectives and obstacles are arising as we advance toward the second curve of health care, prompting a host of questions. What does the second curve for patient flow look like? What tactics are health care organizations using to get there? What are the current challenges facing organizations and what challenges will be next?

These questions point to the need for major shifts in the way patient flow is considered. Implications abound — related to patient relationships, workforce, organizational culture, data integration and technology, cost control, physician and staff education, and many other issues. In 2015, the American Hospital Association (AHA) convened hospital and health system leaders, health care solution-provider partners and AHA executives at two “Critical Conversations” events hosted by AHA Solutions, Inc., an AHA subsidiary. They discussed ways to respond to the patient flow challenges health care organizations are encountering as they shift to value-based service and expand their responsibility for care beyond the walls of the hospital. Following are the highlights:

  • Tackling Patient Flow in a Value-Based, Population-Health-Focused World
  • Patient Flow in the Second Curve: What Needs to Change
  • A New Model for Patient Flow


AHA Solutions’ Critical Conversations invite the perspectives of health care executives in the trenches to clarify the challenges and define the solutions that will help us achieve value-based care. In 2015 we convened dozens of hospital C-suite executives and solution providers to participate in these discussions. We’d welcome your involvement! To learn more about Critical Conversations and access valuable resources on the issues, visit