AHA Endorsement:

Provider Referral Management Solution

“VIIAD’s tools fit a variety of emerging needs in our industry. They also help us communicate more effectively, both internally and externally, to plan members and providers.” – Joe Toscano, CFO, BAS

To better coordinate care and give patients, employees and ACOs access to relevant services and specialties, hospitals are integrating relationships and resources across sites — resulting in the need to manage an expanded workforce.

Why We Endorse VIIAD’s Provider Referral Management Solution

VIIAD’s Provider Referral Management Solution enables hospitals and health systems to optimize and manage their expanding clinical workforce for improved care of their patient and community populations. Following the proprietary AHA Due Diligence Process™, the AHA awarded its exclusive endorsement to VIIAD’s solution because it:

  • Is well-proven in the health care field, with 150 health care organizations including 22 hospitals using the solution at the time of endorsement. The solution has also demonstrated a client retention rate of up to 98 percent.
  • Can scale to handle any number of concurrent implementations.
  • Can integrate with any network or system, including electronic health record systems, patient portals, and claims and payment databases.
  • Synchronizes various data sources to deliver accurate information to administrators, providers and health care users in real time.

Through VIIAD’s Provider Referral Management Solution — a cloud-based platform — hospitals can enhance patients’ care by quickly referring and scheduling them with appropriate care providers so they receive treatment as soon as possible. The platform:

  • Helps hospitals optimize clinical staff utilization by stratifying care providers according to insurance plan acceptance, specialty, availability or other tailored data
  • Allows providers to upload patient records to the referral order to support insurance claims
  • Empowers patients to make informed decisions about their care: o Enables patients to choose clinicians based on preferences for language(s) spoken, gender and proximity o Allows hospital staff to issue patients a “health ticket” virtual ID with real-time information on deductible, copays and other patient-specific insurance status before they make an appointment
  • Offers patients the capability to select providers, make or reschedule appointments, and provide feedback that will be escalated to hospital staff for immediate attention


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