AHA Endorsement:

Policy & Procedure Management Software & Services

"Now, we are confident that employees know where to find policies and that we are covered both in a quality and legal manner because the policies are all up to date. It puts my mind at ease knowing every employee has the same information." – David Robinson, Director of IT, Sumner Mental Health Center

Without an efficient system in place, hospital policies and procedures can quickly become out of date or misplaced. Health care providers are increasingly relying on dedicated new technologies to manage and coordinate these critical documents and attendant processes.

Why We Endorsed Policy & Procedure Management Software & Services from NAVEX Global

The PolicyTech policy and procedure management software and services from NAVEX Global are designed specifically to address the complex compliance environment of hospitals. With PolicyTech, administrators easily assign authority and responsibilities, control the content and look of each document and can determine the frequency of communications and reminders—all with a click of a button. Because best practices are embedded in the solution, authors fill out documents correctly; then, the review-and-approval process is fully automated. Greater than half of the policy management customer base is health care-related, and its clients in other sectors enable the company to address issues in critical operational areas including: scalability, security, infrastructure and multiple-language capabilities.

NAVEX Global is the trusted global ethics and compliance expert for more than 8000 clients, including more than 1200 hospitals and healthcare organizations. A merger of industry-leaders ELT, EthicsPoint, Global Compliance and PolicyTech, their core product offerings include employee hotlines, comprehensive incident management software, online compliance training, policy management and third-party risk management software. The PolicyTech policy and procedure management software and services solution not only provides a reliable, consistent and cost-effective method to managing policies, but was built specifically to meet the growing policy and procedure management needs of health care organizations.

PolicyTech policy and procedure management software allows a hospital to manage all its policies and procedures consistently, efficiently and cost effectively. An automated policy and procedure management system frees the human resources and compliance staff for core business activities, while giving the administration confidence in the compliance of its organization within a complex regulatory environment.

Key differentiating features include:

  • Document creation wizard allows writers to setup documents: title, version number, review interval, required collaborators, reviewers and approvers
  • Document tracking at every stage, from the first draft to the final approval
  • Customizable review-and-approval process, so authors can immediately see stalled or stuck document flow
  • Due dates, escalation and reminder emails to accelerate the review and approval processes
  • MS Office integration lets users edit documents within an internet browser, using a familiar application
  • Increased version control and user ease due to no external system document upload/download or HTML text editor
  • Reports access function to inform the administrator (via email reminders) which documents have been read, which still need to be read, which are in review and more
  • Reports organized by date, site, department or regulatory standard
  • Ready access for employees to the documents relevant to their jobs
  • Saves HR time and effort training new employees in appropriate policies and procedures


Learn more at www.navexglobal.com/products/policy-management/heathcare.