AHA Endorsement:

Patient Flow Management Solution

“On the first day, we were able to improve the time of getting the patient into bed by 25 minutes …. [Plus] the transparency of the system has helped reduce length of stay and readmission rates, while raising the accountability of everyone in the hospital.” – Lee Powe, CIO, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

Economic, demographic and regulatory changes are creating financial and operational challenges within the health care field. Many hospitals and health care systems are focusing on improving patient flow as a key to enhancing quality of care, patient satisfaction and overall hospital performance.1

Why We Endorse the Patient Flow Management Solution from MEDHOST

With MEDHOST PatientFlow HD, health care organizations can proactively manage efficient and effective patient flow through their facilities. The decision-support tool provides real-time data organizations can use to meet their patient safety goals while improving operational performance and enhancing the patient experience.

MEDHOST PatientFlow HD is distinguished by its financial and operational decision support; its scalability throughout one or multiple hospitals; its ease of use and customizability to accommodate each hospital’s workflow; and its rich and dynamic reporting capability.

1 2012 Patient Flow Challenges Assessment. Published by AHA Solutions, Inc. and Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence, 2012

Avoiding Communication Breakdown in Your Emergency Department

Good communication and quality of care go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, when emergency departments are at their busiest, many hospitals struggle to communicate patient flow information effectively.

This can lead to unreasonably long admission requests, as well as unnecessary shuffling of patients to find an available inpatient bed. By the time open beds are secured — sometimes at completely different hospitals — patients’ experience and quality of care have already suffered.

Read this blog post by MEDHOST to see more reasons why a smarter communication process should be a top patient flow priority at your hospital.

MEDHOST PatientFlow HD helps health care organizations more easily manage day-to-day operations and achieve tangible patient care and financial benefits.

  • By providing easy touch-screen access to real-time, enterprise-wide data, the solution enables hospital executives to immediately identify and take action on opportunities to improve the patient flow process
  • The Web-based tool presents an at-a-glance view of hospital capacity and processes, tracked against operational, financial and quality metrics, such as patient length of stay
  • Nursing leadership, bed management, environmental services and other departments also can easily access and update status information, making it possible for all areas of the hospital to contribute to improved patient flow and care


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