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Workplace Wellness Solutions

Employers using the wellness solution from Interactive Health had an average medical cost trend of only 5.9% compared to 12% for employers not using the program. — Results of a multi-year, independent review conducted by Zoe Consulting, Inc., a nationally recognized consulting company

As employers, hospitals are challenged with maximizing employee health plan benefits while minimizing health-related absenteeism. Many are adopting wellness programs to manage costs, increase productivity and provide a model of health for their communities. An outsourced workplace wellness program can help hospitals improve health and the bottom line without overtaxing internal resources or requiring additional tools to gauge success.

Why We Endorsed Workplace Wellness Solutions from Interactive Health

Healthy Triumph, Interactive Health’s outcomes-based wellness program, is proven to lower employer medical costs and improve employee health and productivity. The customized program encourages hospital employees to be their healthiest by motivating them to achieve personal health goals that are assigned based on their results from a comprehensive health evaluation. To allow hospital staff to focus on core responsibilities, Interactive Health experts manage all details—from connecting each employee with a support network to address immediate risks and maintain long-term engagement, to analyzing outcomes to reward employees and track program effectiveness. Read more about this solution and why it was awarded the exclusive AHA Endorsement.

Proof Positive: Lower Medical Costs with Increased Productivity

Proof Positive: Lower Medical Costs with Increased ProductivityRead the results of a multi-year, independent review conducted by Zoe Consulting, which demonstrates how Interactive Health Outcomes-Based Wellness Programs can lower medical costs and increase productivity, creating the following results:

  • Interactive Health clients had a 20% lower medical spend compared to employers not using the Interactive Health program
  • The Interactive Health program reduced medical spend vs. forecast by up to $1,332 per member per year (PMPY)
  • Interactive Health members returned to work sooner than claimants who did not participate in the Interactive Health program – 11 days sooner on average from workers’ compensation – 16.8 days sooner on average from short term disability
  • The Interactive Health program, on average, saved $2,554 per workers’ compensation claimant and $451 per short term disability claimant




Proven Results of Healthy Triumph

Distinguished by its outcomes-based approach, comprehensive health evaluation with Smart Testing, and customized program that leverages clinical data to create personal health action plans, Interactive Health has been proven to deliver successful results by a multi-year, independent study by Zoe Consulting, Inc.:

  • 85% of participants maintained or reduced their personal health score.
  • Participants returned to work about 11 days sooner following a workers’ compensation incident, and 17 days sooner from short-term disability.
  • Employers had a 20% lower medical spend compared to employers not using the program.

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