AHA Endorsement:

Enterprise-wide Imaging Performance And Analytics Solution

Cloud-based and deep learning platform supports consistent, effective and personalized care strategies.

Powered by a cloud-based, human and machine intelligent-driven ecosystem, the Imalogix Platform uncovers how and where imaging delivery can be improved. Insights fueled by intelligence accelerate meaningful change that enable the delivery of consistent high-quality, safe and effective care.

Why We Endorse The Enterprise-wide Imaging Performance And Analytics Solution From Imalogix

The Imalogix Platform brings together the power of AI processes and workflow solutions in one ecosystem to uncover how imaging is being delivered and identifies where and how improvements can be made to systematically drive out unwarranted variability.

Following the proprietary AHA Signature Due Diligence Process™, the AHA awarded its exclusive endorsement to the Imalogix Platform for a number of reasons:

  • Radiation Dose Compliance Made Simple: The Imalogix Platform enables organizations to meet evolving radiation dose regulations without the manual burden associated with conventional systems — saving time and resources.
  • A Focus on Care Optimization: Intelligent Dashboards uncover exactly where care delivery breakdowns are occurring to systematically reduce unwarranted variability in order to improve the quality and safety of care.
  • Tools to Maximize Efficiency: Easy to read dashboards identify where there is unmet capacity or inefficiencies to better route referrals and meet scheduling demands across departments and the health care enterprise to ensure high patient satisfaction.
  • Vision for the Future: It is not just about the lowest amount of radiation dose — it is about the right amount of dose to achieve a definitive diagnosis in one exam. The Imalogix Platform helps organizations understand, and will ultimately predict, the right amount of dose by patient and disease type to support a patient-centric framework of care.
  • Customer Retention: Imalogix continues to demonstrate high customer care and product excellence with a 100 percent client retention rate.

The Power of a Human and Machine Intelligent Driven Ecosystem

The Imalogix self-teaching artificial network enables you to access and scale expertise in ways not possible before. At a glance, understand how you are performing against the ever-growing and evolving Imalogix network of data. Receive evidence-based and actionable insights fueled by deep learning that enables you to accelerate and measure clinical and operational performance improvement.

  • Meet radiation dose compliance, avoid risk and improve patient safety.
  • Uncover how to become more consistent across all scanners and operators.
  • Discover where and how to improve efficiency and optimize staff.

The Imalogix Cloud brings security, scalability and affordability to you by removing waste and inefficient processes.

  • Vendor agnostic with typical installs under an hour without an implementation team.
  • Scalable and future proof with seamless enterprise-wide updates and ability to add departments or hospitals to the Imalogix Platform with ease.
  • Seamless integration into your EMR and reporting systems to eliminate errors caused by manual entry.

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