AHA Endorsement:

Radiation Dose Management and Analytics Solution

“With Imalogix we were immediately able to focus on our patients and their safety. We were live in a matter of days. Working with the Imalogix team has been a terrific experience for us.” – Don Owens, Director of Imaging, TriHealth

To protect patient safety, and to comply with The Joint Commission’s diagnostic imaging standards regarding radiation dose, hospitals are striving to ensure radiation doses are kept as low as reasonably achievable.

Why We Endorse the Radiation Management and Analytics Solution from Imalogix

The cloud-based Imalogix™ solution makes it easy to document and track dose, compare performance with national benchmarks, and systematically reduce dose exposure through advanced analytics that guide adjustments. It enables organizations to comply with The Joint Commission requirements in under 30 days.

Following the proprietary AHA Signature Due Diligence Process™, the AHA awarded its exclusive endorsement to the Imalogix™ solution for a number of reasons:

  • As the first true cloud-based radiation management and analytics solution, it:
    • Eliminates the need for the hospital to manage and maintain software
    • Installs in less than an hour, compared with days or weeks for other solutions
    • Provides meaningful information within minutes after installation, compared to weeks or months by other solutions
    • Imalogix Premium Edition™ is the only true solution on the market that provides organizations with both technical and subject matter expertise
  • Demonstrates continued excellence through its 100 percent client retention rate


The Imalogix solution helps protect patient safety by turning patient-level dose and enterprise performance data into actionable information that results in reduced dose exposures and improved operational performance.

The cloud-based system installs in less than an hour. This enables organizations to comply with The Joint Commission requirements in less than 30 days without disrupting organizational workflows. Additionally:

  • Suitable for hospitals and health care organizations of any size, it provides automatic protocol mapping that can save hospitals hundreds of resource hours in manual efforts
  • Offers unlimited staff training, and a subscription-based model that does not impact capital budgets
  • Through the guidance of board-certified medical physicists, Imalogix Premium Edition™ helps organizations rapidly establish, implement and monitor compliance practices


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