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Behavioral Assessments

"Things are going wonderfully with your product!! Managers LOVE it! The recruiters and I think it is awesome!" – Tennessee Healthcare System

While hospitals consistently struggle to attract and retain staff with the right clinical skills, business acumen and dedication, what really impacts their mission to patients and the community is how well an employee “fits” their job and the organization’s culture. The successful ability to attract and retain competent and committed staff with a broad set of clinical and business skills can be responsible for the success or failure of a health care organization.

Why We Endorsed Behavioral Assessments from HealthcareSource

HealthcareSource specializes in health care behavioral assessments and offers quality talent solutions addressing fit, leadership, and critical thinking. What distinguishes HealthcareSource from its competitors are the caliber of these assessment tools and the leadership of the organization. 100% of HealthcareSource’s design, research, and validation processes are health care based enabling delivery of solutions that reflect a deep understanding of hospital staffing challenges.


Benefits of Behavioral Assessments from HealthcareSource

Watch clips of real people, citing real case studies. Hospital HR specialists share how the solution has helped focus the candidate selection process, for positive workforce impact.

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HealthcareSource®, the leading provider of talent management software for health care, specializes in behavioral science-based assessments that enable hospitals to hire for fit and improve new-hire retention.

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