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HealthCareerCenter is the online job board of the American Hospital Association (AHA), cofounder of the National Healthcare Career Network (NHCN). As part of the NHCN, more than 300 professional associations and 2.67 million members have aligned on a common goal: Provide hospitals and care systems access to high-quality talent. HealthCareerCenter is the gateway into the NHCN, providing care professionals access to thousands of job postings, career development tools and resources.

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Designed to meet the unique needs of health care recruiters, SourceCompass helps employers geo-target potential job candidates through a unique database of more than 6 million licensed health care professionals.

SourceCompass allows you to narrow your sourcing efforts to a geographically targeted talent pool. Through personalized outreach, SourceCompass connects with and rallies qualified job candidates around opportunities at your organization. This direct marketing program offers several opportunities to reach highly specialized talent.