AHA Endorsement:

Wayfinding Solution

“By employing Gozio’s powerful, innovative technology, our patients and families will feel confident in arriving at their destination anywhere in the Piedmont Healthcare system.” – Matt Gove, Chief Consumer Officer, Piedmont Healthcare

“Hospitals selecting a product or service with the AHA Endorsement, such as Gozio’s Wayfinding Solution, can be confident it has met the AHA’s highest standards,” said Kathleen Wessel, vice president, business management for Health Forum, the strategic business enterprise of the American Hospital Association (AHA).


Finding their way from home to their point of care in the health care system can be confusing for many patients and their families.

Why We Endorse Gozio Health’s Wayfinding Solution

With Gozio’s Wayfinding Solution, hospitals and health systems can assist visitors in finding their destinations quickly and easily, helping to alleviate stress, reducing missed appointments and improving their overall experience. Following the proprietary AHA Due Diligence Process™, the AHA awarded its exclusive endorsement to Gozio’s solution for its:

  • Unique and innovative technology that provides unrivaled accuracy in indoor navigation through Gozio’s:
    • Patent-pending sensor fusion technology that combines data from a smartphone’s electromagnetic, motion and orientation sensors
    • Proprietary robotic 3-D hospital mapping
    • Strategic placement of patent-pending low-energy Bluetooth beacons throughout each hospital
  • Excellence, as demonstrated by Gozio being named as an Intel Innovation Award finalist, and a Top 12 Incubator Changing the World by Forbes in 2013



Benefits for Patients

Gozio’s indoor/outdoor wayfinding platform provides GPS-like “blue-dot” and turn-by-turn directions via a mobile app on patient or visitor smartphones and tablets.

  • Patent-pending navigation technology guides patients from home to their point of care with indoor accuracy to within six feet
  • Patients can also find pharmacies, doctor’s offices and other services and amenities
  • Interactive digital signage kiosk version for building lobbies serves visitors who have no mobile device or wish not to download an app


Benefits for Hospitals

The turnkey solution requires little hospital IT involvement. It enables hospital staff to:

  • Easily edit content on their customized, hospital-branded platform, including updates to their 3-D facility maps
  • Send messages to engage and inform patients, visitors and staff
  • Use it as a marketing tool to reach out to and engage patients
  • Use analytics tools to understand how patients and visitors move through their hospitals, and to survey them immediately after their experience, allowing for quick corrections to improve patient satisfaction

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