AHA Endorsement:

Voluntary Permanent Life, Disability, Critical Illness & Accident Insurance

"The additional benefits provided by Boston Mutual help hospitals offer options for what some insurance plans don’t cover." – Anthony Burke, President and CEO, AHA Solutions

The American Hospital Association Board of Trustees and its 2009 Long-Range Policy Committee report, Workforce 2015: Strategy Trumps Shortage, found that demographic trends will drive a drastic change in the workforce with a decreasing pool of skilled employees and that hospitals will need new strategies to attract, engage, and retain these workers. This changing health care insurance environment means employers and employees are looking for increased options.

Why We Endorsed Voluntary Permanent Life, Disability, Critical Illness & Accident Insurance from Boston Mutual

Boston Mutual's worksite insurance products were selected over the competition due to their 30+ year history, their vast health care experience, their range of benefits, and the "boutique" nature of their agency with a strong customer focus. As we looked at products for possible endorsement, we focused on the plan design, ensuring comprehensive and flexible (including optional coverage for the insured’s family) benefits, competitive pricing, customer service excellence and nationwide product availability. Boston Mutual's products demonstrate these benefits along with a long-term commitment to health care employers and employees, which is important to AHA members.

Boston Mutual videosHelping hospitals enhance their employee benefits packages are four affordable, voluntary worksite insurance products from Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company.

With level premiums and fixed death benefits, Whole Life Insurance helps employees safeguard their financial futures. Generous guarantee issue amounts for all eligible employees and flexibility to cover the spouse, children and grandchildren.

With Disability Insurance, employees who miss work due to a covered accident or illness can receive up to 60% of their income.

A supplement to traditional health insurance, the Critical Illness plan provides benefits to employees suffering cancer, heart attacks, strokes or other catastrophic illnesses, including reoccurrences.

Also augmenting employees’ health plans is Accident Insurance, which covers Emergency Room visits, accident-related hospitalizations and other expenses. Learn more at www.bostonmutual.com.