3 Solutions for Improving Performance and Operational Efficiency

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The following solutions have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA). Hospitals selecting a product or service with the AHA Endorsement can be confident it has met the AHA’s highest standards. The following solutions can help your hospital or health system improve its effectiveness in serving your patients and community.

logoEquipment Financing
Recent changes in the health care field, including investments in electronic medical records, big data analytics relating to patient health, and the shift from fee-for-service to wellness-based service, require more capital than ever before.

First American Healthcare Finance helps hospitals fulfill these capital and investment needs for the latest health care information technology, medical equipment, service and software. Its comprehensive, health-care-focused, nationwide equipment leasing and financing solutions can help hospitals conserve capital for patient initiatives and to hedge against equipment obsolescence. Learn how First American helped Mississippi County Hospital System conserve cash and provide better care by using creative financing to acquire new technology. View this video.

See how First American’s financing solutions for upgrading Harrisburg Medical Center’s medical equipment helped the hospital maintain its financial stability and independence: View this video.

logoPolicy & Procedure Management Software & Services
Keeping hospital policies and procedures up to date and easy to locate requires an efficient system to manage these critical documents and attendant processes. Hospitals with fully developed, Joint Commission-compliant policies and procedures stand to improve patient care, employee performance and overall operational effectiveness over others.


NAVEX Global’s PolicyTech™ policy and procedure management software and services provide a consistent, efficient and cost-effective method for managing policies that is designed specifically to address the complex compliance environment of hospitals. The automated management system frees human resources and compliance staff to focus on core business activities, while instilling confidence in the hospital’s regulatory compliance. Visit NAVEX Global’s AHA Endorsement webpage to find out more about this solution.

logoBundled Payment Management Solution
As the health care field moves toward adopting value-based care delivery models, hospitals are increasingly implementing bundled payments — where providers are reimbursed a fixed amount for an episode of care.


xG Health’s Bundled Payment Management Solution helps hospitals and health systems committed to value-based care improve care coordination, enhance quality of care and patient outcomes, and increase efficiency, all while reducing care costs. xG Health’s comprehensive array of solutions includes readiness assessments, care redesign, integrated care management programs, episode analytics and performance-improvement support.

The suite of solutions is powered by Geisinger Health System’s ProvenCare® evidence-based best-practice model, which is proven to improve outcomes and efficiency. Visit xG Health’s Web site to learn more about this solution.