Protect Patient Data Security with Effective Risk Management

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Hospitals and health systems are striving to keep protected health information (PHI) safe by any means necessary. That includes implementing HIPAA compliance initiatives and integrating information risk management solutions into their infrastructure.

For example, Cooper University Health Care, a teaching hospital and biomedical research facility at Rowan University in Camden, N.J., recently set out to open a new comprehensive cancer center to serve patients in New Jersey and the Delaware Valley. But first, it would need to perform a comprehensive risk analysis across several facilities. With time to complete Meaningful Use requirements already falling short, Cooper needed to find an experienced risk analysis partner, and fast.

That’s when it turned to Clearwater Compliance, which was already helping the organization mitigate risk in key areas.

“Initially, we planned on using the Clearwater team to help us complete our risk analysis,” Phil Curran, Cooper University Hospital’s chief information assurance and privacy officer, said. “But after training on the Clearwater software, I found Clearwater’s IRM|Analysis™ tool to be easy to use and complete on our own.”

Clearwater answered the call, implementing smarter, more secure PHI risk management solutions in a series of key steps.

First, it established an overall risk analysis and risk management approach with expert, highly credentialed personnel and systems. Next, it completed full life-cycle NIST-based risk analysis and risk response work. Finally, it worked hand-in-hand with Cooper’s internal security team to ensure that hospital staff would be prepared for ongoing risk management procedures and annual assessments.

In doing so, Clearwater not only helped Curran’s team improve security across each of its integrated locations, but also helped avoid the risk of costly fines down the road.

“Now we can maintain documentation on the progress we’re making on mitigating the high and critical risks, and report to our Governance Committee with data and facts,” said Curran.

Exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association, Health Care Information Privacy, Security, Compliance and Risk Management Solutions from Clearwater Compliance enable health care organizations and their business associates to protect patient information by helping them establish, implement and mature their information risk management programs.

Clearwater’s AHA Endorsed solutions guide organizations in understanding the regulations, identifying gaps and taking the right steps to address risks through compliance assessment, risk analysis and risk response software; technical tools; professional and advisory services; and education and training.

Our AHA Signature Due Diligence Process™ discovered that Clearwater Compliance is highly dedicated to improving health care risk management and protecting patient data. Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) model gives organizations the power to operationalize risk management for ongoing consistency and security. Clearwater tools and methodologies strictly adhere to the most important data regulations, and Clearwater offers education and software to help hospitals become self-sufficient in maintaining their compliance programs. And lastly, Clearwater is solely focused on health care — meaning it has a deep understanding of the unique risk management challenges you face.

Learn how Clearwater’s solutions can help your health care organization avoid costs associated with data breaches and noncompliance penalties, ensure greater patient safety, improve quality of care and uphold your positive reputation in your community. Find details, including more case studies and other resources, on its Endorsed solution page on our website.

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