Extend Care to Patients’ Homes with Remote Monitoring Solutions

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Facing an aging population and a continued rise in chronic diseases — along with the challenges posed by health care transformation and the movement to value-based care — health care systems have their hands full.

One such health care organization feeling this pain is HealthPartners. The Minnesota-based integrated health care organization provides health care services and health plan financing and administration. It is the largest consumer-governed, nonprofit health care organization in the country. How could it offer health care services to its 1.5 million members, all with the personalized attention that today’s patients demand?

For the answer, HealthPartners turned to AMC Health. AMC Health provides telehealth solutions that extend care beyond the traditional walls of a hospital or doctor’s office, helping patients manage their health more proactively from their homes.

The population that needed care was comprised of patients with hypertension who were struggling to maintain control over their blood pressure. In a randomized 2-arm clinical trial, AMC Health assisted with remote blood pressure monitoring, which transmitted readings to a pharmacist case manager. The goal was to help patients take control of lowering their blood pressure, better adhere to medication regimens and maintain controlled blood pressure over time.

How well did it work? Within the first year of implementation, 71.2 percent of the telehealth patients’ blood pressure was well-controlled, compared to just over 52 percent of the control group. The telehealth patients also reported higher levels of satisfaction in care quality, along with an increased sense of confidence in their ability to keep their blood pressure under control. To learn more, download the full case study.

AMC Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Solutions are exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA). These solutions help patients with chronic conditions and those transitioning from hospital to home through program personalization, health monitoring and care coordination.

AMC Health’s virtual care platform provides continuous visibility into the health status of patients, which helps clinicians and physicians make better decisions. It does this by integrating patient health data from a variety of sources, delivering it to clinicians on a secure web portal and generating alerts when an intervention is needed. As a result, patient care teams can use real-time data to proactively connect patients with the right intervention at the right time.

Why did the AHA select AMC Health’s solutions for endorsement?

  • AMC Health has demonstrated in published, peer-reviewed clinical studies that its solutions have improved patient management of chronic illness, reduced hospital admissions and readmissions, reduced medical costs and generated a positive return on investment
  • As a “technology- and device-neutral” consultant, AMC Health ensures organizations receive the best telehealth solutions for their unique population needs
  • Its platform is flexible and scalable, with no limit to the types of devices and technologies potentially integrated


For additional details, visit AMC Health at www.amchealth.com.


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