INSIGHTS Newsletter: Vol. 3, Issue 6

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How Providers are Integrating Clinical Data to Improve Care




Overcoming Interoperability Hurdles to Improve Patient Data Exchange

New and exciting technologies are being introduced almost daily, but hospital interoperability challenges have prevented them from reaching their full potential in health care. Learn about the creative solutions hospital administrators and IT professionals are using to sidestep these challenges.


Four Keys for a Successful Telehealth Program

One clinical coordinator has spent 13 years spearheading remote patient monitoring at Lehigh Valley Health Network. Here, she shares the four steps you absolutely must take to ensure your telehealth program takes off.


Provide High-Quality Care from Anywhere

Faced with the growing challenge of chronic disease and an aging patient population, Minnesota’s HealthPartners found the answer in simple, smart and cost-effective remote monitoring solutions.


Safeguard Data with a Strengthened Risk Management Strategy

By updating its risk management policy, Cooper University Health Care didn’t just make its vital patient data more secure — it also took a major step toward avoiding fines in the future.


Protect Data and Improve Productivity with Secure Messaging

Discover how one hospital that traded its old pager system for a secure messaging platform is experiencing an unexpected (but welcome) boost in communication efficiency.