Population Genomics and its Impact on the Community

Preventative Genetics Screening: Learnings from the Healthy Nevada Project

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Large-scale preventative genetic screening has the potential to identify millions of individuals who are at a higher risk of developing genetic conditions. The Healthy Nevada Project was established by Renown Institute for Health Innovation (IHI) and Helix, a population genomics company, with the goal of sequencing and screening 250,000 Nevadans for three highly actionable genetic conditions.

Population-level genetic screening for these conditions has the potential to identify many of these individuals before the disease has manifested, allowing for early medical intervention that can improve patient outcomes and lower health care costs. Screening can also be a valuable engagement tool for health systems looking to broaden their reach within the communities they serve by attracting new patients and increasing engagement with existing patients. In this webinar, leaders from Renown Health and Helix discuss how the Healthy Nevada Project came to be and its impact on patients thus far.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The solutions necessary to overcome challenges in implementing large-scale preventative genetic screening.
  • The potential impact that a large-scale preventative genetic screening project can have on a health system and the community it serves.
  • The value in strategic partnerships, such as the collaboration between Renown IHI and Helix.


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Thought Leaders

President and Chief Executive Officer
Renown Health

Dr. Anthony Slonim serves as president and CEO of Renown Health. Dr. Slonim’s notable career spans complex healthcare systems from the federal government to the private sector, academic medicine and public health. He’s developed a national profile as an expert in patient safety, accountable care and healthcare quality.

Dr. Slonim is a quadruple board-certified pediatric intensivist by training, has authored more than 15 textbooks and published more than 60 academic journal articles. He currently serves as Editor for the Physician Leadership Journal and Physician Leadership Library, chairs the American Hospital Association’s Systems Council (representing more than 300 integrated health systems nationwide), chairs the CMR Institute, and serves on the American College of Physician Executives’ Finance & Investment Committee. He also currently holds a university appointment at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.

Dr. Slonim also launched the Renown Institute for Health Innovation, which will tackle social determinants of health, utilize genomics to advance personalized medicine, and address mental illness and addiction. With a commitment to community-based initiatives for the promotion of health and wellness, Dr. Slonim caught the industry’s attention by launching the Healthy Nevada Project®, the first population health study that combines genetic, environmental, social and clinical data to address individual and community health needs.

Co-founder & Senior Vice President of Applied Genomics
JAMES LU, M.D., Ph.D. image

James is a co-founder and SVP of Applied Genomics at Helix, a population genomics company with a mission to empower every person to improve their life through DNA. Helix is accelerating the integration of genomic data into clinical care and broadening the impact of large-scale population health programs by providing comprehensive expertise in DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, and individual engagement. Powered by our proprietary Exome+™assay—a panel-grade exome enhanced by more than 300,000 informative non-coding regions—Helix partners with health systems to provide a scalable solution which enables the discovery of medically relevant, potentially life-saving, genetic information. Additionally, Helix offers a suite of DNA-powered products for continued individual engagement and discovery.

At Helix, James is responsible for the scientific teams which include bioinformatics, laboratory operations, regulatory, quality, translational research and policy teams.

Prior to Helix, James was a faculty member at Duke University where he focused on translational genomics and machine learning methodologies for electronic medical records. James has also explored a broad range of research topics in population genetics, Mendelian genomics, and computational psychiatry and has published dozens of papers in journals such as Nature, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of Machine Learning Research.

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