You Received an Employment Screening Report from a Background Check
Now What Do You Do?

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  • Event Time: Noon Central

You, the employer, decide that you want to obtain a background check on a prospective or existing employee. You obtain the proper authorizations and then submit the order request to your background check provider. A few days later you receive the completed background check report with some criminal “hits” and poor credit information — now what do you do with the information you received?

This session will cover an employer’s responsibilities and limitations once it has received an employment background check report from a consumer reporting agency, including:

  • Hazards of not having a proper background check policy to base employment decisions on screening reports
  • Potential “barrier crimes” that may prohibit individuals from working in certain health care settings
  • State laws that may limit an employer’s ability to consider certain criminal records, such as arrests or older conviction records
  • Various notification requirements under state and federal laws, including when conducting drug testing and when contemplating an adverse employment action based on the background check
  • Restrictions on the use of credit information
  • Consideration of “ban the box” laws
  • Concerns over Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidance on the use of screening reports
  • Who is making the employment decisions, you or your outside background check provider?

This interactive and lively webinar will raise awareness and knowledge of the use of consumer reports for employment.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify best practices for the use of background checks for employment purposes
  • Ways to understand complex employment law requirements when using background checks for employment purposes
  • How to gain an understanding of the current factors that impact background checks used by health care organizations


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