Improve Communication by Replacing Unsecure Technology

Featuring a Case Study by St. Charles Health System

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St. Charles Health System shares how it needed to replace its legacy communication methods, which consisted of inadequate, unsecure and out-of-date technology. Any solution would need to help meet a Joint Commission requirement, which mandated read-receipts capability for the health system’s method of communication. The organization was also looking to avoid HIPAA violations that could result from sending protected health information (PHI) in an unsecure way, such as through text messaging.

Bo Miller, medical informaticist at St. Charles Health System, says that he “saw a [convergence] of two problems that could be taken care of with one [solution].” Join us as St. Charles Health System shares best practices for rolling out a secure messaging solution that allows care providers to connect and communicate with each other while fulfilling Joint Commission and HIPAA requirements.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Best practices for rolling out a secure messaging solution
  • Techniques for early adoption
  • Areas that had shown the highest ROI

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Thought Leaders

Bo Miller
Clinical Informaticist, EHR Medical Director
St. Charles Health System
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