Hospital Drug Diversion and the Opioid Crisis

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  • Event Time: Noon Central

This webinar will introduce a brief history of the opioid crisis, discuss addiction among health care professionals, and outline strategies to detect and minimize drug diversion from hospitals.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to recognize your role and the organization’s responsibility for preventing controlled substance (CS) diversion and related liability, and the impact on patient safety.
  • Ways to describe the essential elements of a comprehensive controlled substance surveillance and prevention program.
  • Definitions of the roles and responsibilities of a controlled substance diversion prevention committee.
  • How to utilize the strategies and technologies to identify gaps and mitigate risks associated with CS diversion.

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Thought Leaders

Chris Beebe, RPh, MBA
Division Vice President for Medication Safety
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
Chris Beebe, RPh, MBA image

Chris Beebe is the Division Vice President for Medication Safety at Comprehensive Pharmacy Services.  He graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a BS Pharmacy and earned his MBA from Lebanon Valley College.  Chris has over 20 years of experience in hospital pharmacy, including staff and Director positions, as well as corporate pharmacy leadership roles in large health systems.  He has earned the ASHP/ISMP Medication Safety Certificate.

Leza Hassett, RPh, MBA
Director, Regulatory and Compliance Services
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
Leza Hassett, RPh, MBA image

Leza Hassett is Director of Regulatory and Compliance Services at Comprehensive Pharmacy Services.  She graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy with a BS Pharmacy and earned her MBA in Healthcare Administration from University of Phoenix.  Leza has almost 30 years of experience in hospital pharmacy, including staff and Health System Director positions. Leza also works extensively with 340B program compliance.

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