Your Hospital Team's Guide to Cyber Risk Management

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Every day, cyber-threats in health care become increasingly complex, sophisticated and intrusive. They cost hospitals millions of dollars in brand reputation, regulatory fines and operational changes. The health care field is the most cyber-attacked industry. Studies and survey findings reveal that cybersecurity trends in health care are improving, but unfortunately, not fast enough.

Join the discussion as cybersecurity expert Bob Chaput shares a unique analysis of recently released industry studies conducted by the American Hospital Association and HIMSS Analytics. In addition, he’ll share a strategic approach and model for investing in people, processes and technology. This requires a sound justification for security investments built on a solid business risk analysis and delivered in a return-on-investment context that both executive management and the board of directors understand.

Like all risk management decisions, companies must consider the likelihood and impact of a negative event occurring, and plan to mitigate the risk and fund those efforts. Too often, executive members hold the budget reins have their eyes on investing in more revenue-generating risks.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why cybersecurity is not just a HIPAA compliance or IT security issue, but is also a patient safety matter
  • How to operationalize cybersecurity strategies across the enterprise in order to establish a robust cyber risk management program, ultimately protecting your patients
  • Why it’s important to enhance a health system’s risk management approach to better protect patients against new cybersecurity-related threats to help with patient safety
  • How to adopt a comprehensive, integrated approach for managing security, safety, privacy and risk related to patient information
  • How to develop a strong understanding of how cybersecurity and patient safety are linked
  • How to manage the ever-evolving threats and larger risks cyberattacks pose
  • Why adopting steps and strategies needed to get your entire organization on board with a new cybersecurity mindset is critical


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