Specialty Pharmacy Revenue Opportunity: Infusion

Key Considerations for Optimizing Infusion Services

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As the demand for specialty medications grows, payers are pushing back on the traditional method of delivering infusion services through the hospital outpatient department (HOPD) in order to bring down costs. Specifically, payers are mandating that hospitals find less costly alternative sites of care (ASOCs) to administer those infusions. Hospitals without ASOCs in place are seeing a decline in these patients.

To build a viable plan for keeping patients in the system, hospitals and health systems need to think beyond the antiquated one-size-fits-all box. Crafting an ambulatory strategy that addresses infusion as an integral part of the hospital’s specialty pharmacy services requires compiling and integrating multiple smaller strategies. An efficient strategy also makes room for treating additional patients.

In this webinar by Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS), which provides pharmacy services to nearly 800 U.S. hospitals and health systems, we identify the component parts of an overarching specialty pharmacy infusion strategy.

What You Will Learn:

  • Current payer trends in the HOPD.
  • Options for responding to the changing payer landscape.
  • Options for use of manufacturer patient support programs.



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Thought Leaders

Jody Miller
President, Ambulatory & Specialty Pharmacy
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
Jody Miller image

Jody Miller's career in health care began while serving as a Captain in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps, where he was the Commanding Officer of the Medical Company at Martin Army Community Hospital in Fort Benning, Georgia.

His experience in health care has included owning numerous successful health care service businesses, working in various roles at Johnson and Johnson, co-founding Reliance Rx, a regional specialty pharmacy, and launching 4Front Consulting Group, where his engagements include building new specialty pharmacy solutions and consulting on new biopharmaceutical product launches in the area of payer and provider strategy.

Jody is a frequent speaker at national trade conferences on payer and provider topics pertaining to the distribution and payment strategies for biopharmaceutical products.

Jody holds an undergraduate degree in Health Care Administration from Texas State University and a Master's of Business Administration from Canisius College.

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