The Reinvention of Healthcare Talent Management Approaches
Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent in a Competitive Industry

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  • Event Time: Noon Central

While the demand for health care talent surges, other factors, such as the talent exodus of baby boomers and unexpected competition from urgent care and retail clinics, are exerting downward pressure on the talent supply. The health care industry is facing significant talent shortages — an estimated 1.2 million staffing gap for nurses by 2022 and a 94,700 staffing gap for physicians by 2025.

How can a health care organization hope to retain its top talent and hire new staff with so much competition on the horizon? The common characteristic of the most successful hospitals is when senior leadership sees the value of talent, and invests accordingly.

In this webinar, David Wilkins, chief marketing officer for HealthcareSource, shares insights on modern approaches to help you reinvent your health care organization’s HR approach to improve quality of hire. He will also highlight examples of forward-thinking hospitals who are succeeding by innovating in how they acquire, develop and retain their talent.

Attendees Will Learn How to:

  • Keep the talent you have
  • Develop your existing employees so you can better staff difficult-to-fill positions
  • Attract and hire candidates more effectively than your competitors


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