Learnings and Successes: Multi-channel Patient Engagement Journey

Johns Hopkins Medicines Brain Tumor Initiative

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Johns Hopkins Medicine needed to build awareness for its brain tumor services. In order to do this, it needed to build an integrated patient engagement journey through multiple channels.

Leaders from Johns Hopkins Medicine will share the value of expanding its service delivery reach across channels and countries as a part of its business development strategy. They’ll discuss the alliances needed to launch the initiative and the stages of an early journey that began as an email drip campaign business development strategy and evolved into a multi-channel journey that spanned into international markets, attracting new patients and awareness for specialty services.

You’ll learn what to consider before launching a multi-channel patient engagement journey as part of your business development strategy, and how to successfully test and adjust your strategy’s approach and supporting technology to optimize the patient experience.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to launch and build an integrated patient engagement journey.
  • How to expand to other markets and scale existing and future journeys.
  • How to test and optimize your journey.
  • The benefits of designing a patient engagement journey with a vendor partner.


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Thought Leaders

Breana Fischer
Social Engagement and Internet Marketing Specialist
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Breana Fischer image

Breana Fischer is the Internet Marketing Specialist for Johns Hopkins Medicine. In this role, she is the primary Marketing Cloud Administrator for the institution, developing and implementing email campaigns, multi-channel journeys and trainings for colleagues. She leads the paid social media outreach efforts for consumers and physicians, driving traffic, appointment requests and email subscriber retention. Outside the office, you'll find her traveling, making pizza and living by the motto "The best adventures come from traveling outside of your comfort zone." 

Therese Lockemy
Director of Internet Marketing
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Therese Lockemy image

Therese Lockemy is the Director of Internet Marketing & Social Engagement, she works with colleagues and faculty to develop and execute online strategies that help Johns Hopkins Medicine in meeting their objectives which ladder up to their three-part mission focused on patient care, research, and education. 

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