A Dynamic Approach to Managing and Tracking Radiation Dose
Addressing Regulations and Improving Quality across 27 Hospitals

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  • Event Time: Noon Central

In recent years, we have seen an increase in regulatory requirements surrounding radiation dose and safe practices associated with imaging centers. Several months ago, St. Vincent Health began looking for a radiation dose tracking and monitoring solution to ensure regulatory compliance. To address their needs for a successful radiation dose management program, St. Vincent Health chose a cloud-based solution.

In this webinar, learn how St. Vincent Health identified critical champions who provided crucial expertise and experience needed to guarantee a successful radiation dose management program. In addition, hear how St. Vincent Health established appropriate and realistic goals, and how it performed due diligence and addressed any issues and concerns associated with a cloud-based health care IT solution.

You will also learn how to measure levels of success and maintain that success. In addition, you’ll be able to identify the difference between achieving compliance vs. achieving and maintaining a level of imaging excellence.

At the conclusion of the presentation, the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss considerations when defining reasonable goals and objectives for your radiation dose program
  • Define key supporters and experts needed to achieve a successful radiation dose program
  • Evaluate outcomes: What do I get after doing all of this? More than just compliance?

William Breeden, MS
Chief Medical Physicist
St. Vincent Health / Ascension Health
Indianapolis, Ind.


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