OCRs Phase 2 HIPAA Security Audits and How Best to Prepare

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  • Event Time: Noon Central

An OCR audit is a bad time to find out that you have gaps in your HIPAA compliance program. Unfortunately, many health care organizations learn this lesson the hard way. If selected for an OCR Phase 2 HIPAA audit, you will only have 10 days to prepare your response.

In this webinar, learn the key requirements that many organizations miss when it comes to HIPAA compliance and OCR’s most requested documentation if it does come calling.

An OCR Phase 2 audit promises to place an added focus on the quality of your risk management program, risk assessment completeness, contingency plans, business associate management and other pervasive non-compliance findings from Phase 1 audit results. If you’re found to be noncompliant, you could face steep penalties that directly affect your bottom line.

Learn how to understand and prepare for Phase 2 OCR audits — direct from experts on OCR audit preparedness and a former OCR HIPAA investigator.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why it’s important and how best to prepare for an OCR audit
  • What you’ll need if you receive a pre-screening audit questionnaire
  • How the new audit protocol has changed and covers many new areas
  • Best practices and tips for responding to an OCR audit
  • How you can establish due diligence in your compliance program
  • Key steps your organization should take to safeguard protected health information (PHI) entrusted to you


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