5 Common Background Screening Mistakes Made in the Hiring Process

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  • Event Time: 1 p.m. Eastern

Background checks are a common - and often required - element of any health care organization's hiring process. However, a tidal wave of new laws and regulations in the industry, and an onslaught of FCRA violations create uncertainty for many employers on how to ensure that their hiring processes are in compliance.

In this webinar, Certiphi Screening’s general counsel Alexander Erlam and associate general counsel/director of compliance Sadeq Khan explore five of the most common compliance mistakes employers make during the hiring process regarding background screening. Examples include missed red flags on the job application; “Ban the Box” and the criminal history question; FCRA disclosure and authorization forms; employment drug screening; and complying with FCRA requirements around the adverse action process.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Five common compliance mistakes made during the hiring process
  • Examples of litigation and recent cases related to these mistakes
  • How to identify current compliance gaps and take away specific examples of ways to change your processes to make you more compliant


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