Your Guide to Medical Imaging Standards and Ensuring Future Compatibility

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Gone are the days of vendor-specific imaging. Today’s leaders understand that optimum performance and efficiencies depend on strategies that leverage industry standards.

The drive for early diagnoses, chronic disease, and the aging population have resulted in a growing demand for medical imaging services. This is creating greater demands on imaging departments to increase productivity, both in their workflows as well as in their IT infrastructure.

To address this challenge, leading health care organizations are learning that they can drive optimum performance and efficiencies with strategies that leverage industry standards.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why it is crucial to select vendors that have strong understanding of and adherence to international standards. The key standards that ensure imaging systems can interoperate with other hospital IT systems.
  • Ways to measure information integration and interoperability.
  • How GE Healthcare is supporting vendor neutrality and a connected enterprise.

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GE Healthcare

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Thought Leaders

Charles R. Parisot
Charles R. Parisot image

Charles Parisot is the Principal Consultant at InteropEhealth.  He is advising a number of national eHealth initiatives around the world on the management of their standards-based interoperability strategies. Previously he was in charge of IT interoperability architecture standardization at GE Healthcare where he represented the company in key external initiatives to advance widespread interoperability in Health. Charles has been directly engaged in standards development with DICOM and HL7 since the early 1990s. He played a key role in the standards harmonization activities in the USA where was among the leadership of the HHS sponsored Health IT Standards Panel (HITSP) in 2006-2008.  He has also chaired the EHRA Standards and Interoperability WG for 12 years.

Pierre Yves Nectoux
Sr Director of Solution Architecture
GE Healthcare
Pierre Yves Nectoux image

Pierre-Yves is an EMEA Senior Solution Director at General Electric Healthcare. In this role he works with diverse teams of architects, product leaders and business leaders to design Enterprise Digital Solutions in radiology and cardiology that solve complex customer interoperability issues.  He has been working in Healthcare since 1999 focusing primarily on European eHealth initiatives and has previously worked for Kodak/Carestream as well as other large IT companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard and Oracle.

Rony Gergy
RISi Product Manager for EMEA
GE Healthcare
Rony Gergy image

Rony is currently the commercial product manager for international Radiology Information System solutions at GE Healthcare. He has a strong clinical background with over 8 years of experience working as an MRI technician. His focus is on creating digital solutions for healthcare departmental workflows and emerging market development.

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