The Health of Health Care Employees

Addressing the Unique Health Challenges for Clinicians

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Clinicians and their employers have unique challenges to consider when monitoring and improving staff health and wellness. Varying work schedules, emotional factors and stress can all have a domino effect impacting health care workers’ sleep and eating habits for the worse.

This webinar addresses the most pressing and unique issues health care employers face when trying to improve the health of their workforce. These issues include privacy, scalability, lack of engagement and return on investment. Learn how Naturally Slim has helped Genesis Health System overcome the challenges of varying work schedules, geographically dispersed facilities and return on investment to deliver sustained clinical results to the Genesis population.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How a skill-building program driven by digital/video content can overcome the inherent challenges within the different work shifts of health care
  • The best practices used in behavioral science to drive employee engagement, resulting in optimal return on investment
  • The mental health and stress coping needs (e.g., confidence, mood, self-esteem) that should be integrated into effective behavioral counseling programs



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Thought Leaders

Stacia Carroll
Coordinator, Genesis Wellness
Genesis Health System
Stacia Carroll image

Stacia has more than 20 years working as a fitness and wellness professional in community and health care settings.  As the Coordinator for the Genesis Wellness Department, Stacia spends her time creating and implementing wellness initiatives to address the various needs of the over 5,000 Genesis Health System employees.  Stacia is passionate about educating individuals on ways in which consistent wellness practices and behaviors can positively impact health and reduce risk of illness and disease.  Stacia strives to teach individuals simple solutions for wellness that can significantly improve health and quality of life.

Stacia received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation.  She holds numerous group fitness certifications with specialty fitness certifications as a Cancer Exercise Specialist (RMCRI) and Medical Exercise Specialist (ACE)

Stacia uses her knowledge and inspiration to help individuals overcome barriers and develop confidence in using wellness behaviors to achieve optimal health.

Kendall Ramirez
Chief Experience Officer
Naturally Slim
Kendall Ramirez image

Kendall Ramirez has spent her career helping brands create experiences that lead to passionate customers. As the Chief Experience Officer at Naturally Slim, Kendall leads marketing, communication and customer experience initiatives with the goal of increasing employee engagement and helping employers eradicate preventable diseases within their employee population.

Prior to joining Naturally Slim, Kendall was the Director of Customer Experience Marketing at Southwest Airlines. Kendall and her team were responsible for ensuring the entire customer experience was an appropriate reflection of the Southwest brand and helped drive customer evangelists.

Dr. Tim Church, M.D., M.P.H, Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Chief Strategy Officer
Naturally Slim
Dr. Tim Church, M.D., M.P.H, Ph.D. image

One of the country’s leading clinical thought leaders in exercise and obesity research. As Chief Medical Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Naturally Slim, Dr. Church seeks to reduce the production of and destruction from disease by guiding the company in the creation of clinical strategies and disease-specific battle plans. He is also an adjunct professor of preventive medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University, where he promotes healthy living through research and education in nutrition and exercise biology.

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