Addressing the Rise of Health Care Consumerism through Technology
featuring a case study by Mt. San Rafael Hospital

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  • Event Time: Noon Central

A new health care market structure is emerging in which the consumer plays a much more pivotal role in the business of health care – with more payment responsibility, a more discerning view of providers and a greater need for education. In this new market, providers will be challenged to offer more information to both patients and consumers and to assist in proactively managing their health and wellness.

This webinar shares how Mt. San Rafael achieved this by expanding their reach beyond the four-walls of their hospital to leverage a health engagement platform to build meaningful, relevant interactions with the consumers and patients in their market.

Learn how the hospital uses health care content and wellness tools, communication campaigns and patient portal retention programs to activate consumers in their community and reinvigorate their patient-base. Hear how the health engagement platform integrates with its existing IT infrastructure and allows patients to view, download and transmit their health information while increasing the portal usage by 40 percent. In addition, Mt. San Rafael showcases how it’s providing their community with a solution for managing their 'personal health world' through a wellness dashboard and how it consolidates self-generated health data as the hospital gears up for Meaningful Use 3 and delivering a mobile friendly solution.

Attendees Will Learn to:

  • Describe how a powerful combination of content, wellness tools, mobile apps and health records can engage the newly empowered health care consumer on a continuous basis
  • Evaluate your digital strategy – web and mobile – and your ability to create value for consumers and patients online
  • Create brand loyalty with consumers before they need care
  • Explain new ways to drive patient engagement to achieve the latest Meaningful Use objectives
  • Assemble and aggregate consumers’ health care information and provide them with access anytime, anywhere to help them navigate their own care


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