Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave and How to Keep Them Longer

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Why are employers struggling to keep talent today? How can you improve staffing stability for the future?

While some of today’s workforce is made up of deep-rooted, dependable staff, a larger portion of positions are transitioning to revolving doors of turnover. This impacts levels of customer service, productivity and profitability. In facing the new realities of today’s workforce and the evolution of employee expectations over the past decade, organizations must understand how to effectively hire and manage shorter-term workers who have a different view of the workplace than previous generations of employees — if those companies intend to remain sustainable.

In this webinar, learn why it’s now important to make a shift in big-picture thinking, leadership styles and employee retention strategies. Discover how to dedicate more staffing resources to make retention a higher priority and stronger component of the organizational culture, how to diagnose the real reasons staff at various levels leave (beyond pay), common mistakes managers should avoid that unintentionally cause unnecessary employee turnover. And explore best practices that have proven to keep new hires longer, such as offering innovative opportunities for advancement, providing access to continued training and development, revamping incentives, and improving the onboarding experience for new staff.

In addition, understand who you are hiring and the mindset of today’s new workforce, as well as tangible operational tools for immediately improving employee retention within your organization. This new perspective and management approach, when made a priority throughout the organization, leads to greater customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover current employee turnover trends and future staffing projections
  • Uncover the real reasons employees leave most organizations and ways to encourage them to stay
  • Learn strategies for preparing your organization to manage shorter-term workers


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Thought Leaders

Cara Silletto, MBA
President & Chief Retention Officer
Crescendo Strategies
Cara Silletto, MBA image

Workforce thought leader Cara Silletto, MBA, is the President & Chief Retention Officer at Crescendo Strategies, a company committed to reducing unnecessary employee turnover for clients across the country by bridging generational gaps and making leaders more effective in their roles. Cara currently sits in a unique sweet spot for her specialty of understanding today’s new workforce, because she is an early Millennial herself, born in 1981, yet she is equipped with an MBA and more than 14 years of experience learning the unwritten expectations of older managers and business owners in order to advance her own career. She was named a “Game Changer” by Workforce magazine in Chicago, was recognized by as a “Top 10 Company Culture Experts to Watch,” and is a co-author of the book, What’s Next in HR.

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