Continuing a Legacy of Language Services Excellence

Featuring a Case Study by Boston Medical Center

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In this webinar, learn how Boston Medical Center (BMC) provides quality language services to a highly diverse patient population while controlling costs and boosting patient satisfaction.

Boston Medical Center (BMC) is a 496-bed academic medical center located in Boston's historic South End and dedicated to providing “consistently excellent and accessible health services to all in need of care regardless of status or ability to pay — exceptional care, without exception.”

BMC is the largest safety net hospital in New England, with a majority of patients coming from underserved populations and over 30 percent being limited-English proficient (LEP). The hospital handled over 300,000 interpreting requests in 2015, using both a team of 70 staff interpreters and a partnership with CyraCom for phone and video interpretation.

Join us as BMC shares best practices for language services excellence and how your organization can benefit.

Attendees Will Learn to:

  • Maintain hospital-wide visibility to achieve an outstanding language services program
  • Implement phone and video interpretation on a large scale without disruption
  • Pair in-house capabilities with CyraCom phone and video interpretation for an effective use of resources


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Thought Leaders

Elida Acuna-Martinez
Director of Interpreter Services
Boston Medical Center
Elida Acuna-Martinez  image

In her role, Elida is responsible for the delivery of high quality, timely and effective interpreter and translation services with 24 hour coverage across Boston Medical Center. As the largest safety net hospital in New England, she also oversees five Community Health Centers Interpreter Services Department. Ms Acuna-Martinez has a keen focus on process development which postively impacts communities that are racially, ethnically, and linguistically different, including, but not limited to, quality improvement projects.

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