Nurses Lead Transformative Telehealth Initiative
Lehigh Valley Health Network Shares its Success

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  • Event Time: Noon Central

Telehealth doesn’t just offer benefits to patients in the form of streamlined care and improved outcomes. It can also boost hospitals’ bottom lines by avoiding unnecessary costs. But how can you ensure development and implementation of the most effective telehealth initiative?

During this webinar, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) will share their implementation of telehealth through a nurse-led initiative, outline the innovations within the LVHN Center for Connected Care & Innovation, and detail the essential success factors of telemedicine design, implementation and evaluation. You’ll hear how LVHN created an organizational structure that supports and facilitates their telehealth initiatives, positioned their telehealth programs as clinical in nature, and successfully defined the roles and responsibilities of the care team.

LVHN will also share critical considerations in developing/implementing a telehealth initiative, including soliciting and incorporating nursing staff’s perspectives. You’ll learn how LVHN telehealth programs contribute to cost avoidance, improved population health and enhanced patient outcomes.

What You Will Learn:

This webinar will provide attendees with practical, actionable steps to:

  • Establish telehealth in their organization through a nurse-led initiative
  • Develop innovative care models driving improved patient outcomes
  • Include essential success factors in designing, implementing and evaluating telehealth programs

Our Signature Learning Series events are exclusively offered to hospital personnel. There is no charge to attend.

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