Advanced Topic: Health Care Organization Background Check Policies

How to Draft, Implement and Maintain a Compliant Background Check Policy

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In order to comply with applicable background check laws and best practices, all employers, including health care, should have a sound and legally compliant background check policy. In background check litigation, it is often “Exhibit A” in the health care organization’s defense. Unfortunately, the policies in place may be old, without consistent application and/or without proper language to account for today’s complex background checks. This is an advanced training on drafting a policy — not intended as a general primer for those who do not get into the nuts and bolts of the subject at hand.

Known speaker and consumer reporting law expert N. Alexander Erlam, Esq., general counsel of Certiphi Screening, Inc., will provide general guidance on background check laws and policies, and will clarify “grey areas” such as Accelerated Rehabilitative Dispositions (ARD) and how those “quasi-convictions” should be treated in a sound background check policy. Alex will share up-to-date information on how to properly draft a background check policy and best practices to implement it throughout the organization. In this webinar, attendees will receive a sample background check policy and gain key takeaways from a discussion of litigation cases surrounding background check policy.

This important and timely webinar will be applicable to all health care organizations wrestling with background check policies.


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Thought Leaders

N. Alexander Erlam, J.D.
N. Alexander Erlam, J.D. image

N. Alexander Erlam, J.D. has over 20 years of experience in all areas of employment law, and has developed specific employment law expertise in background screening law (Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Drivers Privacy Protection Act), discrimination law (federal and state anti-discrimination statutes) and immigration law, as well as general human resources expertise.

Alex serves on the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Board of Directors, and is a past president of the Association of Corporate Counsel Delaware Valley (DELVACCA) Chapter. In his role at Certiphi Screening, Erlam directs the company’s legal affairs and is responsible for maintaining its compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. He serves as an expert resource to clients on legal and regulatory developments and case law.

Alex has a law degree from the Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law and a bachelor’s degree in political science/pre-law from Villanova University. Alex is a frequent and noted speaker on employment law topics. He has written articles and given hundreds of seminars to management and human resources professionals on employment law and consumer protection topics.


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