Innovations in Hospital and Community Health Partnerships

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Rethinking Hospital Community Benefit at the Neighborhood Level to Improve Resident Health

In this webinar, learn how a community hospital is partnering with its Foundation to lead a multi-sector collective impact initiative to improve community health outcomes in a challenged urban neighborhood that is home to many high users of health systems.

The twin missions of Saint Francis Foundation and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital compel them to deliver exceptional health care services and compassionate care to the poor and disenfranchised. As a fully accredited, non-profit community hospital in downtown San Francisco, this responsibility extends not only to Saint Francis' patients, but to the communities in which their patients live, work and play.

Believing the potential for improvement in community health lies in social determinants, Saint Francis seized the opportunity to play a deeper role in improving health outcomes for residents in the Tenderloin, a highly challenged neighborhood adjacent to the Hospital. With the goal of positively impacting health at the community level, Saint Francis launched the Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership (TLHIP) in 2014.

An early adopter of the collective impact framework, TLHIP has forged a diverse, multi-sector partnership committed to creating a safer, healthier neighborhood for all. Today, more than 100 government agencies, nonprofits, business and grass roots organizations are working together with residents to address community health and well-being by co-creating solutions that deliver a deeper impact.  By aligning priorities, resources and activities to create pathways to health for residents, Saint Francis is pioneering population health approaches that invest in, support, and heal the Tenderloin.

Join us as TLHIP shares its place-based strategy focusing on the core community priorities of improving safety, building community connections, and creating opportunities to make healthier choices. Learn how it engaged stakeholders in aligning for action across key initiatives. Hear how these approaches have improved the community’s sense of safety and increased opportunities for health and well-being for residents. If your hospital is interested in expanding pathways to health beyond your campus, be sure to attend this webinar.

  • Neighborhood Parks and Open Space Planning and Activation
  • Creating Safer Streets through Tenderloin Safe Passage
  • Building Neighborhood Power and Voice - 4 Corner Friday and Block by Block Activation

By sharing these insights, we hope other hospital systems will look at ways to expand their impact outside their hospital campus and create new pathways to health at the neighborhood level.

Attendee Will Learn:

  • How Hospitals and their Foundation partners are uniquely positioned to bring community benefit expertise, relationships and resources together to lead upstream innovations in community health
  • How engaging deeply with community partners, aligning mutually reinforcing activities and collaborating for impact, hospital systems can redefine their role in community and create pathways to health
  • Strategies for integrated impact though individual case studies

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Thought Leaders

Jennifer Varano, MPH
Director, Community Health, Volunteer Services, Emergency Management
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
Jennifer Varano, MPH image

In her role as the Director of Community Health, Volunteer Services and Emergency Management at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH), Jennifer oversees the development and implementation of the hospital’s community benefit plan, community benefit reporting, and community grants program. Jennifer is staff to the hospital's Board of Trustee's Community Advisory Committee, which oversees the hospital's Community Benefit Plan. She also provides backbone infrastructure, planning, and community outreach support to the Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership.

Prior to joining SFMH, Jennifer developed extensive public health policy and healthcare experience working in hospitals, non-profit organizations and a bipartisan government relations firm in Washington, D.C. Jennifer completed her Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Policy at UC Irvine and Masters of Public Health at UC Berkeley.

Will Douglas
Manager, Community Impact
Saint Francis Foundation
Will Douglas image

As Manager of Community Impact at Saint Francis Foundation, Will is a key member of the backbone team for the Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership, focusing on strategy and partner alignment, data collection, and evaluation. Before joining the Saint Francis Foundation, Will worked for a public health informatics company, where he led the client services department and oversaw the implementation and use of the technology to improve data access, understand community health needs, and use of evidence-informed initiatives for communities around the United States.

Will has more than eight years of experience with public health consulting, community health assessments and improvement strategies, data collection, and evaluation. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Davis.

Jennifer Kiss
Vice President, Programs
Saint Francis Foundation
Jennifer Kiss image

As Vice President, Programs at Saint Francis Foundation, Jennifer is responsible for fulfilling the Foundation's mission to serve the community. Jennifer leads the Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership (TLHIP), a flagship collective impact initiative spearheaded by the Foundation and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH). TLHIP seeks to positively impact social determinants of health and improve health outcomes for the residents of the Tenderloin, one of San Francisco's most challenged neighborhoods. Jennifer represents the Foundation on SFMH's Community Advisory Committee which functions as the Steering Committee for TLHIP and oversees SFMH's community benefit plan.  Jennifer is also responsible for leading TLHIP's collaborative funding partnership, committed to raising funds to support TLHIP's cross-sector community-based initiatives.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Jennifer consulted on a wide range of tactical and strategic fundraising initiatives and campaigns in the non-profit sector following a successful career as a financial services attorney based in London and Hong Kong.

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