Optimize Home Care Services through Remote Patient Monitoring
St. Marys Home Care Telehealth Case Study

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St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, New York’s largest provider of post-acute care to children and young adults with medical complexity, was awarded a grant to improve care for children who receive services at home through the implementation of an innovative remote patient monitoring program. The hospital deployed an interactive voice response (IVR) program with the three-fold goal of reducing avoidable hospitalizations, increasing medication adherence and increasing overall patient/family satisfaction.

In addition, the IVR program aligns well with state policy initiatives, such as the Olmstead Implementation Plan, which encourages care for individuals with disabilities in community-based settings and helps ensure that children who need long-term services and support are able to stay at home, as opposed to returning to a skilled-nursing facility or an acute-care facility.

In this webinar, hear how the first year of the IVR program implemented at St. Mary’s resulted in a 39 percent reduction in hospital visits, while the 30-day readmission rate fell from 19 to 11.4 percent and the 90-day readmission rate fell from 35.7 to 22.7 percent. Because much of health care utilization (including use of ERs and hospitalizations) is attributed to medication non-adherence, IVR also allowed St. Mary’s to check on med adherence with every call. Finally, both patient and staff satisfaction significantly improved with IVR.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to implement a relatively simple remote patient monitoring program
  • How to outreach and engage active patient participation
  • The most beneficial IVR templates to create based on patient diagnosis 
  • How to monitor and triage alerts and trend data to make program adjustments

Our Signature Learning Series events are exclusively offered to hospital personnel. There is no charge to attend.

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