Pathologists and System Executives Lead Quality Initiatives
A Partnership to Mitigate Risk and Ensure Patient Satisfaction

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In order to lead quality initiatives in health care organizations it’s critical for system executives to partner with pathologists to mitigate risk and ensure patient satisfaction. Hospitals and health systems rely on pathologists to enact and oversee the quality and the performance of the medical laboratory to provide accurate test results for patient diagnosis.

You’ll learn how pathologists, working alongside health care executives in hospital leadership positions, are able to establish system-wide protocols that affect multiple areas of the continuum of care: from complex disease guidelines and accreditation requirements, to test turnaround time and easily accessible results for patients and their doctors. In partnership with administration, the pathologists — as leaders of medical laboratories — have the experience and reach to positively affect many of the challenges facing hospitals today.

In this webinar, hear from R. Bruce Williams, MD, FCAP, president of the College of American Pathologists and partner, Delta Pathology Group, and Nancy Cassagne, CEO and president of West Jefferson Medical Center. They’ll share the importance of a strong working relationship between the laboratory and administration demonstrated through positive initiatives that led to better care for patients.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to initiate laboratory-related quality measures that impact patient safety and satisfaction
  • Ways to identify leadership roles and opportunities for pathologists to work with hospital executives
  • Examples in mitigating risk throughout the health system via proper management and oversight of the laboratory


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