Leading a Cultural Change
Staff Engagement via Adoption of a Novel Uniform Technology

  • Event Date:
  • Event Time: Noon Central

This is a must-see session for nursing leaders who are wondering how to engage front-line staff in a way that will promote patient and staff satisfaction. Do patients and families actually notice what health care staff are wearing? And does what staff wear matter? The resounding answer to both questions is “Yes.”

A key to quality improvement is engagement of key players, and this session will showcase practical ways to accomplish this goal. You will hear from a deputy executive director who supported a process whereby staff nurses impacted a cultural change. This change resulted in the adoption of health care attire that not only “looked’ professional, but also provided protection from frequently unanticipated exposure to bodily fluids.

What You Will Learn:

  • Ways to identify current challenges associated with a patient’s perception and expectation of what health care providers wear
  • How to utilize the Influencer Model to find strength in numbers
  • How to recognize that what staff wear can impact staff engagement
  • How to connect the dots between patient/family expectations and staff adoption of professional attire


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