The State of Health Care Interoperability in 2019

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The landscape of health IT is constantly changing. With the rollout of new technologies and monthly legislation updates, staying up-to-date with health IT interoperability can be a challenge.

We’ve built this webinar to help you become an advocate for interoperability in your organization. You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of the history of health care interoperability, its benefits, and how Formstack can help you achieve it.

Attendee Will Learn:

  • A history of health care interoperability legislation.
  • An overview of the barriers to nationwide interoperability.
  • A Formstack user story example.
  • Tips for achieving interoperability at your organization.

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Thought Leaders

Beau Brooks
Senior Vice President of Sales and CX
Beau Brooks image

Beau Brooks is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience at Formstack. Beau has led Formstack over the last three years in an effort to provide a valuable HIPAA compliant data collection product for the Healthcare industry. He works to understand how Formstack can better serve our customer’s needs and to deliver a solution that makes an impact in the 1000+ healthcare organizations that use Formstack every day. 

Kevin Howell
IT Director of CRM
Kevin Howell image

Kevin has worked in IT for the last 17 years and in healthcare IT for the last 9 years. In his current role at AdventHealth, he oversees the flow of data in and out of the CRM as the IT Director of CRM. 

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