Challenges: Solving for Operational Excellence

Today's hospitals are in need of products and services to help them meet growing efficiency and regulatory challenges, while simultaneously improving the quality of care. Through our due diligence, the American Hospital Association has pooled together and strategically mapped solutions to do just that. Click on the 'Learn More' links below to view solutions as they map to various areas of focus.

Care Continuum

Hospitals and their constituents must plan for and ensure efficiencies in processes and practices while maintaining the highest quality of care. It's not simply a matter of lowering costs; it is a matter of redesigning care practices to ensure best practiced, cost outcomes in everything the organization does. This is defined as how to reduce expenses while improving quality; "bending the cost curve" and access to information which provides visibility into business analytics to improve decision making.

Clinical Integration

Clinical Integration focuses on efforts that ensure collaboration among different health care providers and sites to ensure higher quality, better coordinated and more efficient services for patients. A key component to most clinical integration strategies involves greater information sharing across providers. This includes an information technology environment that supports clinical decision making, information management, communications and access by all stakeholders to ensure proper treatment and strategic decision making. Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) initiatives are big drivers of clinical integration.

Cultural Transformation

With the convergence of current economics, health care reform and workforce demographics, culture must support and adapt to the changing environment. This includes leadership and talent, learning and performance management. Hospitals must strive for organizational alignment on and commitment to quality and safety, with consistent communication among all levels of the organization.

Financial Sustainability

Financial capacity mitigates balance sheet stress, effectively manages risk and builds an optimal capital structure. Respond proactively to market change, ensuring financial strength and capital capacity. Establish strong appeal to capital markets through sustained operations, revenue growth and balance sheet strength.