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Video: Most Wired Survey is Live

Learn about the changes taking place in the survey for 2017.


Health Facilities Management
Keeping an eye on security

Video surveillance advances include IoT integration, smart sensors, data analytics and higher resolutions.


Hospitals & Health Networks
Video: Principles of Quality and Patient Safety Won't Change Under a Trump Administration, Says Don Berwick

Former administrator of CMS says hospital field should stay the course.


Health Forum Rural Health Care Leadership Conference
Register for the 2017 Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

The 2017 Rural Health Care Leadership Conference brings together top practitioners and thinkers to share strategies and resources for accelerating the shift to a more integrated and sustainable rural health system.


eSource: American Hospital Association Data
Discover the Power of Self-Service Analytics with eSource

Consultants and vendors need the timeliest and most accurate data about the hospitals and health systems they are trying to reach. AHA eSource puts that data at their fingertips with this easy-to-use platform.


Speakers Express
Speakers Express

Speaker's Express maintains a roster of highly trained facilitators to offer meeting and retreat facilitation of benefit to even the strongest of leadership teams by contributing structure, encouraging participation, and helping to build consensus.


Handing Power to Patients to Improve Care

Innovative Services for Health Leaders

Health Forum is a strategic business enterprise of the American Hospital Association (AHA) which develops and delivers information and innovative services to help health care leaders achieve organizational performance excellence and sustainability.

Health Forum Industry White Papers

Health Forum
White Papers

Find relevant white papers. Learn about new research. Hear from the top leaders in health care. Download a white paper today!