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A 'Real Opportunity for Savings'

To control supply costs, you better get your docs involved.


Health Facilities Management Magazine
Patient-Centered Construction

Health care facilities managers have many responsibilities when a hospital is building a new facility or renovating existing space, but a top priority is keeping patients safe during construction.


Health Forum Blogs
Health Forum Blogs

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How to Survive the Value Revolution

If hospitals are going to succeed in a new value-based environment, they must evolve their clinical and business models in tandem, says author and consultant (and Leadership Summit keynote speaker) Adrian Slywotzky.


Speakers Express
Speakers Express

Speaker's Express maintains a roster of highly trained facilitators to offer meeting and retreat facilitation of benefit to even the strongest of leadership teams by contributing structure, encouraging participation, and helping to build consensus.


AHA HealthCare DataViewer
AHA HealthCare DataViewer

Data you can use from a source you can trust. The most comprehensive online database of hospital and system information available.


Innovative Services for Health Leaders

Health Forum is a strategic business enterprise of the American Hospital Association (AHA) which develops and delivers information and innovative services to help health care leaders achieve organizational performance excellence and sustainability.

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Health Forum
White Papers

Find relevant white papers. Learn about new research. Hear from the top leaders in health care. Download a white paper today!

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