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10 Ways Your Primary Care Practice Can Save Billions for Health Care

A new Stanford study hones in on the best practices of the top performers in primary care. What if we adopted these lessons industrywide?


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Baby Boomers Expect More Out of Health Care

Through the adoption of health care tools and technology, the baby boom generation has demanded innovation from mHealth to better-designed, assisted living models.


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Its All About the Triple Aim

Advocate Health Care CEO Jim Skogsbergh, the AHA’s 2015 chair-elect, says organizations will find different solutions to today’s challenges, but they all share a common goal.


New Health Care Dynamic
The New Health Care Dynamic

A panel of experts from a cross section of the economy to examine the current and future states of health care.


Health Forum Blogs
Health Forum Blogs

Read the latest Health Forum blogs: Above The Radar Marketing: Dip Your Toes In The Native Advertising Pool  Healthy Debate: Help Give A Shout-Out For Flu Shots Diggin' The Data: Remembering Those Who Suffer From Mental Illness     


Speakers Express
Speakers Express

Speaker's Express maintains a roster of highly trained facilitators to offer meeting and retreat facilitation of benefit to even the strongest of leadership teams by contributing structure, encouraging participation, and helping to build consensus.


H&HN Video: MedStar Health Works to Boost Patient Engagement in Care

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